Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome (back)

I have been self-hosting this blog, Tree Hugging with Kids, on wordpress.org; however, as I intend it to be 1) a place for me to share with you things that are important to me, and 2) IF it makes any money, for the money to be donated to charity, it has become counterproductive to pay for monthly web-hosting.  I have thus decided to move my blog, which currently has 73,790 (and growing each day) page views, to a free blogger hosted site.  With the help of some online tutorials, I am in the process of moving my content here.  The other site will no longer be up as of December 8.  Please be patient, and if interested in what you see at either location, please follow me here!  I hope you will join me!

Thanks!  ;)

Note 1: Until I get everything transferred/the new site configured how I want it, I won't be posting anything new - please be patient.

Note 2: In the transfer, many of images are now huge/don't fit the blogger platform, and many of the internal links transfer to my wordpress site (which will soon be nonexistent, thus making the links invalid).  Short of going into each and every post and reconfiguring the link - does anyone know how to easily fix them?  Unless I find a blanket fix, these will all, unfortunately, be broken.  I hate this, as I spent some time building these links between my posts!  :(  If you have the know-how, please help!