Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another round of DHA - Nordic Naturals new product review

I feel strongly about including DHA in a child's diet.  I've done quite a bit of research on it, and the benefits cannot be ignored.  I previously wrote a review on various brands of children's DHA.  One of the companies included, Nordic Naturals, asked me to review a new product of theirs - Omega Boost.

According to the company:

"Nordic Naturals tropical mango Omega Boost™ is a creamy, delicious formulation of omega-3s that supports optimal health and wellness.* Like all Nordic Naturals products, Omega Boost is in the triglyceride molecular form for better absorption of these essential fats."

Since I was really happy with their products from the first review, I happily agreed.  I received the product in the mail and substituted the current DHA supplement for my three year old daughter with this.  Her reaction?  Yummy!  I had to fill her medicine spoon with water three times so she could get every last drop out.  I took a lick as well - I must agree.  It is delicious!  Of all the products we have tried, I think this one tastes the best.

But, as you know, taste is inconsequential in comparison to the good stuff that is in it.  So, let's talk that.  There are 525 mg Omega-3s per serving, which supports heart, brain and immune health.  A serving size is 1 teaspoon.  This includes 165 mg DHA and 270 mg EPA.  A 6 fluid ounce bottle retails for $19.95.  That is 35 servings, which comes to 0.57/serving.

In summary, this is a great-tasting product from an environmentally sound company that packs a decent amount of omega-3s per serving.  There are other products, such as Nordic Naturals' Children's DHA, that cost less per serving and pack in even more DHA (see my earlier review), but I would highly recommend this product and feel good about giving it to my daughter.