Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ban Atrazine - for the frogs

Save the Frogs is working to get one of the nastiest pesticides out of our environment.


They've described it as "the 21st century's DDT".

Atrazine Flyer

And, who wants this near them anyway?

Atrazine Usage By State

If you live in the Midwest; downwind from the Midwest (i.e. the Mid-Atlantic States) or down the Mississippi River, you should be very concerned about the Atrazine usage in your part of the world.

Atrazine Map

Atrazine Key

What can you do?


Atrazine - Frogs

Second (by going to their website):

Please donate to fund our Atrazine campaign!

It's us against Syngenta, Atrazine's producer, the largest pesticide company on the planet, with 11 billion dollars in revenues and hundreds of lobbyists working politicians fulltime. We need your help. Please make the largest contribution you can to help our campaign: it's tax-deductible and will help frogs, humans and lots of other wildlife species that share the planet with us. Thank you!!!

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