Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Find the best deal on kid stuff

With KidCrawl.  From the makers of one of my very fave deal sites, babysteals.com, comes



What is KidCrawl?
KidCrawl is a tool to search baby and kid products, compare prices, read and share reviews, and find the best prices on the web. You type in what you want, we crawl the web for the best deals. Join the site and our community of moms to review products and help other moms.

What will I find on KidCrawl?
On KidCrawl you can find strollers, car seats, nursery decor and furniture, baby toys and games, and more . You’ll find familiar brands you’ve seen on BabySteals like ErgoCloud B, and Melissa & Doug plus other popular brands like Graco and Stokke.

Do you sell stuff on KidCrawl?
No. We simply find you the best places to purchase the items you’re looking for.

How do I use KidCrawl?
Use KidCrawl to search for baby and kid merchandise, compare products and retailers based on reviews, ask other moms about products on our discussion boards, and find the best prices on the web. You can view price averages and even sign up for a notification when products hit the price you’re looking for. Bundle items you’re looking for to figure out if it’s cheapest to buy items together and combine shipping or purchase separately from different sites. KidCrawl is the shopping tool you always dreamed of!

How do I join the site?
You don’t have to join to use KidCrawl as a tool, but if you set up an account you can participate in the constant discussion, ask questions, and share you mom expertise on products. As you provide reviews, you build your KidCrawl “cred.”

BabySteals and KidSteals would love to be everything to everyone, but we can’t possibly give you all you need. When we bring you a Steal we bring you the best prices on the web, but when stealing isn’t an option, KidCrawl can light the way to the products you need.

If you can’t steal it, crawl it!

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