Saturday, September 8, 2012

The 11th Hour Documentary - Review

I watched this and really liked it.  I found it very informative.  Read here to learn more about it.

11th Hour

Here are the points I found memorable:

Nature provides services for free that technology can't replace - pollination, removing CO2, adding O2.

Costanza estimates it would cost $37 trillion to do what nature is doing for free - add up all the economies of the world, and you get $18 trillion.

For every truckload of lasting material produced, 32 truckloads of waste are produced (Ray Anderson).

The result of $500 billion in advertising?  Kids can ID 1000 corporate logos, but less than 10 plants and animals native to the environment they live in.

According to Betsy Taylor, the average American shops five times/week, spends the day working to make money to shop.  Everything is getting bigger (houses, cars, our waistlines), while we are getting less of what matters = time.

Wade Davis - Americans spend more money maintaining their lawns than India collects in their federal tax budget.  Americans have incredible wealth.

In America consumer goods are a cultural symbol.

We define who we are by material things.

We get our knowledge from the media, not the Earth.  We are out of touch with the very source of our survival.  We are disconnected from the Earth.

We are psychologically dumb.  We drown in TV, music, cell phones, etc.,and don't "feel" nature or the beauty in the world.

50,000-55,000 species/year are going extinct because of humans.

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