Friday, September 14, 2012

Up the like factor for veggies

I've worked really hard to only offer my daughter fresh, organic, nutritious food, really pushing the fruits and veggies, avoiding artificial colors and sweeteners and MSG and added salt and sugar.  Whew.  And you know what?  It's been easier than you may think.

And the pay off is very rewarding.  She is a great eater, eating most anything I offer.  She willingly accepts a wide variety of vegetables, and will eat any fruit (although bananas are her least favorite).  There have, however, been a few veggies she tends to avoid.  Like green beans.  Then, I discovered my secret weapon.

Garlic powder.

That's right.  One day, as she was shunning her green beans, not wanting to put any salt or salty seasoning on them, I looked through my spice cabinet, wondering what may dress them up a little.  I ran across the garlic powder and decided to give it a try.

And you know what?  After sprinkling a little on, she dove right in, and proceeded to eat them all right up.  Wow.  I was thrilled.

So, I decided to always have some with me, that way when we're out at a restaurant and I'm trying to find something healthy for her, I can always order steamed veggies, sprinkle this one, and voila - hopefully she'll have a healthy meal!

All you need is a small, empty plastic spice shaker.  Like the ones McCormick puts nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice or turmeric in, the little ones. Once you empty one of these (or something like it), add some garlic powder and throw it in your diaper bag.

I decided to use this as a way to introduce other spices too, as I'd like to broaden her palate.  I started this time by mixing in a little coriander, a relatively neutral, bland spice.  I figured if that goes over, I can graduate to something a little stronger, like cumin.

I hope this helps with your picky eater, if you have one!

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