Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Give your wooden cutting board new life

I love wooden cutting boards.  I had two, and then our wonderful neighbor (who is quite the handy man) made us a third for Christmas this past year.  That made me decide to refinish/renew the two we already had - they were long overdue!

It is very easy.  All you need are the following supplies:

  • the cutting board you want to refinish

  • fine sanding paper/block

  • mineral oil

  • brush to apply it with (or rag/sponge, etc.)

Simply sand the board to remove surface imperfections.  Sand until your heart's content.  Then rinse the board off.

Next apply a thick coat of mineral oil, and rub it in, all sides.  Apply as many coats as you'd like.

Let it sit and soak for a while.

Wash, and - voila! - like new!  Recycling at it's finest!

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