Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feeding yourself while feeding baby

This post is eighth in a series:

Note: While nursing, I wanted to make the experience as healthy for my baby as possible.  So I gathered this information regarding what I should be eating/doing while nursing, and general helpful info.

1) Breastfeed for as long as possible (min. 6 months).

2) Take probiotics (yogurt), DHA (300 mg), vitamin D (1000 IU), and a prenatal vitamin daily.

3) Avoid allergenic foods when baby is sick or on antibiotics.

4) Avoid genetically modified foods (GMOs).

5) Avoid artificial sweeteners.

6) Avoid foods (common in soups) with MSG – bad for developing brains.

7) Eat organic, especially diary.

Vegetarians: B12 (2.6 mcg/day); Ca (1000-1300 mg/day)

Everyone: vitamin D (1000 IU/day); DHA (300 mg/day); protein (71 g/day)

Storing pumped breastmilk –

  • If will use within 10 hours, leave out on counter.

  • If will use in >10 hours but < 8 days, refrigerate.

  • If will use in >8 days – freeze (will keep 3-6 months).

Freezing breastmilk –

  • 1-2 oz. quantities for newborns; 3-4 oz. quantities for older babies

  • Thaw in fridge for 12 hours.  Warm in bowl of warm water.  Once thawed, use within 24 hours.

  • If baby does not finish, can feed during next feeding if only a few hours later, but discard unused after that.

  • Never refreeze.

If use formula, choose organic, and make sure the sugar source listed is lactose.

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