Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shot at Life

The United Nations Foundation supports a campaign entitled Shot at Life, in which they aim to use immunization to save more than 2.5 million children's lives each year.  Isn't it amazing, to think that for only $20 (probably about half of what it takes to fill your gas tank) you could literally SAVE the life of a child?  That's right.  It has already saved the lives of at least 6.4 million people worldwide.

Check out this infographic on the power of vaccines, because it is - well - powerful.  And click here for even more information.

Add your voice to the movement!  Check out their homepage here.

Email Congress and tell them to support global vaccine funding - it only takes a few seconds!

DONATE!  It is amazing what such a SMALL AMOUNT can do!  Check it out!

And if you feel compelled to do more - read here.

And a WAY cool event going on this month is Blogust - simply by going to a different blog each day and leaving a post, your comment will donate another $20 to save a life!  I challenge you to go - every day!

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