Saturday, August 18, 2012

Turtles and tots - which will you help?

Two organizations are having fundraisers right now, and I wanted to share those with you in case it is something you'd like to support.

First, Mercy and Sharing is having a t-shirt drive called "Promise 126" to raise funds for the 126 orphans in their care.

tshirt front

There are 126 orphans at Mercy & Sharing Village in Haiti. We have made a promise to each child to care for them and raise them. Mercy & Sharing provides food, shelter, education, therapy, education, and LOVE for each child.  Our latest project—"Promise 126"—gives you a new opportunity to help us care for these precious kids. And you'll get to proudly wear this colorful "Promise 126" t-shirt design.  We need at least 126 donors to donate $39.11 for each t-shirt. From that gift, $25.00 will go directly to helping these orphans. WE HAVE JUST 21 DAYS TO SELL 126 T-SHIRTS.

Order your "Promise 126" t-shirt today »

Second, HerpDigest is trying to raise funds to keep the site going through the sale of books, such as this one:


An excellent, must have for every turtle owner and every turtle & wildlife rehabilitator

Covers everything from general information such as: turtle anatomy, diet, stress, hibernation, brumation, outdoor and indoor enclosures and more --- to over 250 pages on shell fractures, tube feeding, bacterial and viral diseases, parasites, diagnostics, antibiotics in chelonians, and with supporting photographs. The author took great time and care to translate her and others experiences in turtle rehabilitation without the jargon, so all turtle owners enthusiasts can understand.

Full-color photographs. (2012) 393 pp. Softcover, by Amanda Ebenhack  $39.85 plus $6.00 S&H see below on how to order (Overseas email us at for S&H price.)

Help HerpDigest Survive. Buy a book, an important book, add on a small donation. $5.00? $10? $20? more. Longer list of other books available upon request. Book is $39.95 plus $6.00 S&H. Use PayPal our account is  THE EXACT SAME PRICE AS AMAZON, BUT REMEMBER ALL PROFITS HERE GO TO HERPDIGEST NOT AMAZON SHAREHOLDERS.

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