Friday, February 17, 2012

Clean Eating with The Gracious Pantry

For my daughter's first birthday we did a Barnyard-themed pumpkin party.  As such, I wanted to have pumpkin cupcakes, but as I'd not given her sweets at all up until that point, I didn't want her to have a sugar-laden dessert.  An internet search revealed this recipe:

Clean Eating Pumpkin Cupcakes With Chocolate Pumpkin Frosting

Let me just say, it was delish!  I made a "regular" (hence, NOT sugar-free) batch of pumpkin cupcakes too, and more people preferred these by far!  I had to pass out the recipe the day after.  Anyway - this is how I found out about The Gracious Pantry - now I am subscribed to receive regular email updates with her newest and greatest creations, and am having fun trying all kinds of "clean" recipes with my little koala bear!  Check her out!

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