Monday, February 20, 2012

Thinking of Conceiving? Good to know...

So I think you should give every child the best start in life as possible, and I wondered if there was anything you could do pre-conception to contribute to this.  In my research (yes, I know, bad me - I jotted this info down and didn't record my source - sorry!), I came across this information.

First 56 days of embryo’s development gets much of what it needs from what the mother ate in the 3 months prior to conception.  So, when considering getting pregnant, begin:

1) Taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid

2) Eating healthy

3) Striving for a healthy weight

4) Getting 30 minutes of exercise/day

5) Avoiding smoking, alcohol and any toxic exposures

But wait!  It's not just you, the mama, that needs to be proactive -

New research shows the father’s health has an effect too.  In the three months prior to conception, Dad should:

1) Eat healthy

2) Take a daily multivitamin including 700 mg folic acid

3) Exercise

4) Avoid smoking, drinking and toxic exposure

These things reduce the risk of cancer in offspring and create strong, healthy sperm.

So, you don't have to wait for those two blue lines to appear to begin making healthy changes for your baby - start now!

For a more comprehensive article on this, visit this link.

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