Friday, April 20, 2012

Fresh fruits and veggies, anyone?

I have discovered - and fallen in LOVE with - Bountiful Baskets.

What is it?

"Each week different items will be in the Bountiful Basket! We base the basket contents on what is in season, high quality, good value, and local. We generally have 6 fruit items & 6 vegetable items. We focus on what would be well received in our homes, and the extensive surveys we’ve done with participants over the past 5 years to know what families eat."

For $15 (plus some incidental costs, like $3 if you're a first time orderer) for a conventional basket or $25 for an organic basket, you get enough produce to fill a small round laundry basket above the rim.  It is AMAZING, it is FRESH, it is DIVERSE - I love it.  We order every two weeks, and it's just enough to keep my family of three in fresh produce during that time (and encourages us to eat new things!).  If you have on in your area, I highly recommend it!!!

On that note - I am going on vacation!  This will be my last post until May.  If you are just discovering the site, I hope you will take my little hiatus as an opportunity to read up on some past posts, comment on anything you find interesting, and/or drop me a line via email!  I'd love to hear from you!  And if you need a little incentive...

I will randomly choose one reader who comments on ANY post so far on this blog to win an Udder Cover (sorry non-baby-making females or guy readers - there will be more giveaways for you in the future!).

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