Saturday, April 7, 2012

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

My grandparents always made these eggs when we were growing up.  I wanted to give them a go.  You need some white eggs, yellow onion peels (I used from 6 onions), Easter flower leaves (what my grandmother calls them - I know them as daffodils), and string.  Oh - and it takes 2 people to do them.

You wrap the leaves around the eggs, in whatever configuration you want, then tie a string very tightly around the leaf to hold it in place (this is why it takes two people).

Put all of the eggs in a large pot.

Add your onion peels.

Cover everything with water, and turn it up to boil.

Boil the eggs ten minutes, then - here's what you get!


Aren't they beautiful?




Have fun!  I'd love to know if you try it!

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