Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When you buy something, how do you really know what you're getting?

Here is a compilation of some great sites to check out products you normally buy on.

Good Guide - everything from personal care to pet care to apparel to electronics

Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

HealthyStuff.org tests everything from car seats to teethers to jewelry (though the site isn't very user friendly and it may be difficult to find the particular item you want).

If you want to examine a company, here's a site to help you do that.

Hopefully this will help you in your quest to not only be "compassionate", but to "act".  In other words - you as a consumer are a powerful commodity.  Be careful what you buy - each purchase is a vote.  Make sure you vote for companies who practice environmental and social responsibility.  Make sure you vote for products that impose minimal impact on the environment and that were not tested on animals.  Make sure you vote for products that are healthy for us, as human beings, and won't give our children cancer or cause respiratory illnesses or hormone disruptions.  If more of us vote for these products, they will become more commonplace, as will the companies who make them.

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