Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A mish-mash of travel recommendations

As a past writer for Suite 101, I didn't want to pass up on introducing articles I'd already written here on my blog.  So, for lack of a better way to do it, simply scroll through the places below.  If you live near any of the following localities (or plan to travel there), simply click the link to find an article highlighting some fun things to do in that area.  If I happen to hit on a place you'll be, I hope you can use this!

St. Lucia

Catch of the Day - Sara Wittenberg


Arkansas (Devil's Den SP or Northwest Arkansas in general)

Alabama (Wheeler NWR or Gulf State Park)

Whooping Cranes - Sara Wittenberg

Central Texas

The Alamo - Sara Wittenberg

Southeast Arizona (and here too)

Chiricahua National Monument - Sara Wittenberg

Saguaro National Park - Sara Wittenberg

Southwest New Mexico

Elephant Butte Lake - Sara Wittenberg

Southern Nevada

Black-throated Sparrow - Sara Wittenberg

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