Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

In honor of this date of our country's independence, here are a series of historical articles regarding travel destinations.  For anyone near Indiana/Kentucky, you can roll these into one trip, as my mom and I did, and learn more about our country's history!

Slavery and the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln's Birth and Childhood

Lincoln Memorial - Roberta Ress

Historical Kentucky: Bardstown area

My Old Kentucky Home - Roberta Ress

Berea College, Kentucky

Berea - Roberta Ress

Spring Mill SP and Inn, Indiana

Spring Mill Grist Mill - Roberta Ress

And as an aside, we had a LOT of fun on this trip!  My grandparents, John and Marieta Ress, actually visited here years ago!

Spring Mill 1939 - Marieta Ress

Spring Mill 1939 - John Ress

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