Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... Spring!

No matter where you live, you can probably say "It's been a really mild winter."  I hate winter.  I hate cold.  I hate snow.  I hate ice.  I am a WARM WEATHER GIRL.  So I have REALLY enjoyed this winter.  HOWEVER...  I know as the sun rises, so it must set, and as comes summer, so must come winter.  It's how the world goes 'round.  And even though I am SO enjoying this 70 degree weather in north Alabama as I write this, I know it is SO wrong.  The daffodils have come and nearly gone, the tulips are ready to burst forth with their splashes of vibrant reds and purples, and the gnats - what, gnats??? - yes, gnats are buzzing around my eyelashes as I survey what is surely the onset of spring.  Global climate change is, in my opinion, of utmost concern, and each year through record heat waves, devastating tornadoes (like the one in 2011 that ripped through my hometown and left many homeless) and unbelievable hurricanes and other mass natural disasters we are reminded of just how catastrophic this phenomenon can be.  So, although I love sitting outside on the screened in porch in early March, feeling like it's late May, I know the consequences of this weather which dampens my ability to fully enjoy it.

Anyway - I digress.  Point of this post is that spring is upon us, and it is time to provide homes for the critters that will be looking for places to host their young families.  I will be presenting a series of posts on birdhouses - how to make them, where to place them, etc. - for anyone who would like to welcome feathered friends to your own backyard!

First off - here is a nifty chart showing the dimensions of the house and the height at which to place it, depending on what species you would like to attract.

Schutz, Walter E.  1973.   Bird Watching, Housing and Feeding.   Milwaukee: Bruce Publishers.)


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