Monday, March 19, 2012

The Ubiquitous House Finch

YAY!  Spring is officially....  HERE!  Of course, when you live in the Great Basin desert, spring doesn't REALLY come until - well - May?  June?  Heck, there's even been snow here on the 4th of July!!!  But whatever, I won't get bogged down in the semantics - my calender says today is the start of spring, so I'll do a happy dance!  Spring is my FAVORITE season.  Well, I LOVE, love, LOVE summer, but that means I'm only one season away from fall and then soon winter.  Ugh.  Spring is just the beginning of a wondrous few months ahead (or, again, when you live here...  a very few months!) - and today is just the beginning!  Ah, the possibilities...

Anyway, in continuing my series on hanging nest boxes for birds, here are plans for House Finch boxes.  No matter where you live in the US, you probably have House Finches, so this will apply to everyone!


Schutz, Walter E.  1973.   Bird Watching, Housing and Feeding.  Milwaukee: Bruce Publishers.

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